DX Easy Imaging DR Retrofit Kit PE 1417/PE 1717, WL/W

DX Easy Imaging DR Retrofit Kit PE 1417/PE 1717, WL/W


The DX Easy Imaging DR Retrofit Kit PE 1417/PE 1717, WL/W (wireless/wired Cesium Iodide) is the latest State of The Art direct X-Ray sensitive, portable, Flat Panel Detector 14”x17” or 17”x17” dimensions with high performance to ensure better image quality with lower doses. Permanent charging with backup cable with a magnetic charging connector.

This DR Panel is a digital radiography detector with a large field coverage area of 14”x17” or 17”x17” designed for general radiographic application using Colenta image processing software DX Easy Imaging X-AQS.

This DR Panel can be installed in a single or dual or multiple detector configurations depending on the required applications.  For dual or multiple detector configurations, the Colenta DR Panel can also be installed in combination with other flat panel detector models of Colenta.

Features & Benefits
 Use with existing X-Ray equipment
 Slim and light-weight design, approx. 3 kg or 4 kg
 Same dimensions as 14”x17” or 17”x17” film cassettes/CR panel
 Attachable tethered cable (optional) for Image Acquisition and  Transmission through Gigabit Ethernet interface
 Brilliant Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)
 Automatic Exposure Detection AED,  no need for an interface to the X-ray generator
 14-bit signal digitalization provides Wide Dynamic Range
 Image acquisition and transfer time within some seconds
 Communication through WLAN (IEEE 802.11n)
 Fully compatible with DICOM 3.0 standard
 Reduced X-ray dose for patient safety
 Interchangeable, rechargeable panel battery panel configuration:  single, dual, or multiple (symbolic image)
 Optimized algorithms for each different body part
 Simple & easy integration with all kinds of digital radiography systems
 Empowered by DX Easy Imaging X-AQS Software


COLENTA DX Easy Imaging Software The X-AQS Image Acquisition Software enables an image preview in approximately 5 seconds after XRayexposure for prompt image previewing/confirmation.

The X-AQS Image Processing Software provides consistent and excellent image quality, using optimized algorithms for each different body part, allowing various pre-set image processing modes for different studies, at
considerably reduced X-Ray dose.

The X-AQS DX Easy Imaging Software is fully DICOM 3.0 compatible, providing image data transfer to any DICOM device, PACS or RIS, for efficient data management, printing, archiving, and remote image viewing.




Technology Flat Panel Detector, Amorphous Silicon
Scintillator CsI (Directly Deposit)
Active area 14” x 17“(PE 1417), 17” x 17” (PE 1717)
Resolution 2.304 x 2.800 Pixel (PE 1417), 3.072 x 3.072 Pixel (PE 1717)
Pixel pitch 150 μm x 150 µm (PE 1417), 139 μm x 139 µm (PE 1717)
Grayscale 14 Bit (16.383)
Image acquisition time ≤ 5s (PE 1417), ≤ 7s (PE 1717)
Method of Exposure (trigger) DR Trigger / i-Sync 2(AED)
Image transfer wired Ethernet / WIFI (wireless communication)
Wireless Mode 2.4G / 5G, with internal AP
Internal Image Storage 200 full size images
Battery Operating Time > 4 hours (PE 1417), > 2 hours (PE 1717)
Battery charging time empty to full approx. 2 hours
Water Proof IPX1 (PE 1417), IPX0 (PE 1717)
Drop Monitoring Realtime
Limiting Resolution 3.3 lp/mm (PE 1417), 3.4 lp/mm (PE 1717)
Dimensions 384mm (H) x 460mm (V) x 15.2 (D) mm (PE 1417)

460mm (H) x 460mm (V) x 15.2 (D) mm (PE 1717)

Power Consumption 13W
Adapter AC input 110~240V, 50~60Hz
Weight 3.7 kg (8.16 lbs), PE 1417 – 4.7 kg (10.36 lbs), PE 1717
Operating Environment +5 °C to +30 °C; 45 % to 85 % noncondensing humidity
Storage and transport -10 °C to +40 °C; 45 % to 85 % noncondensing humidity
Capture console, consisting of Capture Workstation with a Touch Screen Monitor

Software controls detector, image acquisition and optimization, connects dose area product measurement device.
Optional with fully integrated DX Easy Imaging X-AQS PACS solution.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. All brand names or trademarks are the property of their
respective owners. In some countries, regulatory approval may be required to import medical devices.


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Brochure: Leaflet DX Easy Imaging DR Retrofit Kit PE 1417 / PE 1717 WL/W

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