•Flow rate (range & increments) : 0.1 to 10 mL sec in 0.1 mL increments
•Volume ( range & increments) : 1mL to syringe capacity in 1 mL increments
•Programmable Pressure Limit (psi/kPa) : 200 mL syringe : 325 psi,2241 kPa
•Scan Delay : 0-300 seconds (5 minutes) in 1 second increments
•Pause : 1-900 seconds (15 minutes) in 1 second increments
•Hold : Maximum HOLD time is 20 minutes
•Syringes (Volume capacity) : 200 mL sterile disposable syringe
•Maximum Number of Phases : 6
•Maximum Number of Protocols : 32
•Electrical Requirements (VAC/Hz) : 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300 Volts-AMPs
•Syringe Heater Range : 35 degrees C+/- 5 degrees

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Kategori : CT Injection System
Merk :Medrad
Type: Stellant D

MEDRAD’s Stellant Injection Systems use power injection to inject contrast media for enhanced visualization in CT diagnostic imaging procedures.
•Stellant® D – for advanced clinical applications; offering saline flush capabilities and robust protocol options.
•Stellant® Sx – our entry-level option, capable of upgrades to enable you to stay current with scanner technology.
Upgrades to fit your needs
• Dual Flow – enables you to visualize the whole heart simultaneously
• XDS Extravasation Detector – detects mild extravasations before they become clinically significant
• MEDRAD Certegra Platform – automates imaging management from start to finish
• Injector Scanner Interface (ISI) – uses an open source technology that enables Stellant to communicate with most CT scanners

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