Nama Produk Giant iND – 384 SERIES (3P/3P) – TOWER 80kVA PRO63380
Type PRO63380L
Berat 790 Kg
Dimensi 800 x 800 x 1800 mm
Type UPS Online UPS
Kapasitas 80KVA
Power Factor 0,8
Input Voltage Range 3 x 380VAC/400VAC/415VAC 3Ph N or 3Ph N GAcceptableVoltage Range 304VAC ~ 456VAC
Transfer Time 0 ms

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Giant Industrial series (384VDC) (3P/3P) series is available in models ranging from 10kVA to 400kVA.

In addition, the system comes with a parallel redundant configuration option that allows four units to operate in parallel.

  • True online double conversion with DSP control
  • Robust electrical performance to prevent damage from top and bottom connections
  • Screwless cabinet design and fully coating PCBAs to withstand harsh environment
  • Unique ventilation design for effective heat dissipation
  • Flexible battery configuration adapts different applications
  • Accepts dual-mains inputs
  • Front access makes maintenance and replacement easy
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