CR 15-X

CR 15-X


  • CR 15-X digitizer, support 4 cassete size
  • Digitizer type: Single cassette feed
  • Throughput : Up to 102 plates/hour

(depending on size and resolution)

  • Display : LED Status Indicator (Status and error messages on external PC monitor)
  • Grey scale resolution : data acquisition 20 bits/pixel
  • Output to processor : 16 bits/pixel squere root compressed
  • Environmental : Noise level, max. 65 db(A)
  • Heat dissipation: standby 30W, Max 140 W

Suitable for cassette size:

– CR MD 1.0 General 35 x 43 (14” x 17”)

– CR MD 1.0 General 18 x 24

– CR MD 1.0 General 24 x 30

– CR MD 1.0 General 15 x 30


CR 15-X covers a broad range of applications from general radiology, orthopaedics, chiropractic and full-leg/full spine applications. The CR 15-X supports both standard phosphor plates and needle-based detectors it also allows you to optimize your choice of throughput versus resolution. Delivering up to 102 plates per hour (depending on cassette size and resolution), with the CR 15-X you can choose your preferred resolution for each examination.

The CR 15-X is fully DI COM compliant, making integrating the digitizer with other solution elements quick and easy. It is also equipped with smartcard technology (USB) to store up-to-date site-specific settings and service information

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